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Personal Trainer Post: Twisting Side Crunch on Stabilty Ball

Posted Jun 12 2009 6:40pm
I will be starting a series of posts titled "Personal Trainer Posts" which will give either a specific how to on a single exercise or outline a full workout. You will be able to find an archive of these posts by clicking "Fitness" in the top navigation area.

While it is absolutely impossible to "spot reduce" certain areas of fat, often one of the factors contributing to a soft middle is underdeveloped abdominal and lower back muscles. In order to get rid of the fat covering these muscles it is very important to both eat a healthy, clean diet and burn fat using cardiovascular exercise. Once the layer of fat covering this area is gone, it is very important to have well developed muscles to have the coveted six pack abs. Posture is also incredibly important for having a sexy midsection, as poor posture can cause you to slouch and push your stomach muslces out. One of the best ways to train the proper muscles to give you that sexy stomach and get rid of those love handles is easily done with only a stability ball.

Twisting Side Crunch on Stability Ball

1. Begin by laying over a stability ball one side. Stretch your top leg out and plant your foot on the ground. Bend your lower leg at about 90 degrees and plant your toes on the ground slightly behind you. Hook your bottom arm around your waist as shown.

2. Start by reaching forward toward the ground, then sweep your hand up and back until you are pointing at or touching your back heel. That is one rep. Repeat 10-12 times, then switch sides.

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