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Permanent Link: Sunday Blues

Posted Aug 24 2010 12:25am
August 22, 2010 | Filed in:

Something I haven’t suffered from since snagging my job at AG . :cool:

But – after having 9.5 days in a row off (officially – my longest stretch of vacation days in my professional life) – I have to be honest – I don’t want to go back to reality. :wink:

Can’t I just have a few more weeks of vacation? :razz:

8.22 0148.22 015

If only, right? :)

8.22 0598.22 064

In all honesty, I’m excited to get back to my regular routine – I love routine! Seeing this sign definitely made me happy, not blue!! :mrgreen:

Coming home to dead plants?  That did not make me happy… :evil:

8.22 070

In all fairness though – I didn’t tell our dog-sitter that they needed water.

I tried water-revival.  It did NOT work. :shock:

But hey – they are easy enough to replace, right?

8.22 139

While I was out buying new basil, :wink: I also took care of some serious fridge re-stocking (please note the special S.C. delivery Fat Tire for Mr. J ) :cool:

8.22 072

Have I mentioned yet, how much I missed this creatures?!?!

8.22 079

(Seriously – who am I kidding saying I could go for another week of vacation?! I would miss these sweet little faces WAY too much!) :cool:

What I did not miss about these monsters?  The fact that they watch ever single morsel I eat with extreme intensity. :evil:

8.22 083

(What, you don’t eat your Baked Lays sitting on your kitchen floor?) :razz:

There ya have it :cool:   Normal, consistent posting will now resume! :cool:

We are home, and ready to take on the week – back to work for me, and first day BACK TO SCHOOL for Mike! One more year of law school and he’s done!

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