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Permanent Link: Real Food Equals

Posted Jul 29 2010 10:47pm
July 29, 2010 | Filed in:

Happy Allison! :cool:

While there is DEFINITELY something to be said for easy breakfasts on the go…

7.29 001

…sure leaves a lot to be desired in terms of food photography! :razz:

Eating salads for multiple meals in 1 week can be boring. :roll:


If you take the time to make your salads sassy :razz: it can be interesting and fun! :)   Variety is the spice of life, after all! :wink:

Boring salad…

7.29 002

+ more leftovers

7.29 004

= Super Mega Awesome Salad!

7.29 006

For a girl who used to NEVER EVER let her foods touch, I sure have come to love crazy combinations! :grin:

Also – I have an addiction – someone help me…

7.29 010

I got through a pint of grape tomatoes a day.  That’s not normal, right? :oops:

I had to sneak out of a work a few minutes early to get my hairs-did (read: dyed – but I’m not ready to show you yet because I’m not sure I like it) so by the time I was actually able to eat dinner – it was after 8pm! :shock:

Cooking was out of the question, and Chipotle was definitely the answer! :mrgreen:

7.29 013

Vegetarian Burrito Bowl (with an INSANE amount of Chipotle Tabasco – you see it in the background there?! I used ALL of it!)

Which brings me to a pet peeve I need to share with you guys…

Does anyone else actually CRINGE while watching someone make their sub/salad/sandwich/burrito when you got to a “Made to Order” establishment?

Last night the kids at Chipotle were just literally throwing, smacking, globbing ingredients on to everyone’s order.  When my guac got ALL OVER 1/3 of the edge of my bowl, and then girl SQUISHED it all together while putting the lid on – it’s ALL I could think about on the way home! :eek:

I know the kids behind the counter are getting paid almost nothing (Mike worked at Subway back in the day – I NEVER ACTUALLY complain to the employee, don’t worry!), so I don’t expect PICTURE PERFECT food.  It’s just funny to stop and think – they probably make their own food like that! :shock:

Even growing up – I made sure all of my sandwiches were neatly made, very symmetrical and clean.  But hey -  maybe that’s me. Or maybe that just speaks more towards my OCD with symmetry and clean edges! :lol:

How about you – do you THROW your food together, or are you slow and methodical? :)

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