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Permanent Link: Homemade Chicken Paprikash

Posted Dec 29 2010 10:13pm
December 29, 2010 | Filed in:

Several of you asked what that delicious looking dish was in my Christmas post

…I didn’t tell you because I was saving the full the secret for now. :shock:

It was homemade chicken paprikash. :mrgreen:

My Mother-in-law made just for me (okay, and my sister-in-law too :wink: ), because we requested it, and because she rocks! :cool:

Oh yeah – and – she cooks like me!  No measuring, just going! :)

Here’s the family secret recipe! (*this recipe was used to make a double batch, so if you wanted a “single batch”, just cut everything in half*)

Homemade Chicken Paprikash

Throw 2 sticks of butter in a large pan, that is set to medium heat

12.27 00112.27 003

Top with lots of chopped garlic.

12.27 006

Chop two medium/large onions:

12.27 008

Throw onions in with melted butter, stir well to coat onions in butter, cover, and let cook down for a little while.

12.27 00912.27 012

Start breaking eggs (my guess would be about a dozen) into a large container (you’ll be adding flour later so make sure you’ve got room!)

12.27 016

Check your onions! :grin:

12.27 020

Chop up chicken breasts (my MIL used one large bag of frozen chicken breasts, half way thawed), add them to the pot, sprinkle with salt, pepper, and LOTS OF PAPRIKA!!!!

12.27 028

Cover up your butter/garlic/onion/chicken pot, reduce heat to medium, and leave it alone!

Go back to your eggs, and WHISK ‘em up!

12.27 030

Add some garlic powder and onion powder to your eggs.

12.27 031

Start adding flour into the eggs, a little at a time, and whisking until fully incorporated.

12.27 032

This is where the expert eye really comes in.  You “just know” when the batter is thick enough.  See this:

12.27 033

Not thick enough.

See this?

12.27 034


12.27 036

Bring a large pot of water (with a decent splash of milk in it) to a boil:

12.27 037

Start spooning out 1/2 to 1/4th spoonfuls of the batter, right into the water, and let them cook for about 5 minutes. (they should float to the top when they are done cooking!)

12.27 03812.27 040

Continue to fill the pot until you have the entire surface covered. Don’t over fill, then the dumpling won’t cook right!

12.27 04812.27 047

After the first batch is finished, strain them out using a slotted spoon, and let them hang in a colander in the sink.

12.27 050

Continue to make batches of dumplings until the batter is all gone! :)

12.27 056

Try not to eat all the dumplings while the next batch is cooking :)

After the butter/garlic/onion/chicken pot has been cooking on medium/low for about 1.5 to 2 hours – it should look something like this:

12.27 054

At that point – remove all the chicken, and plate it so that it’s ready for serving:

12.27 071

Once the chicken has been removed from the onion/butter/garlic pot – add an entire container of sour cream to the onion/butter/garlic mix.

12.27 07412.27 076

Combine dumplings, chicken, and sauce in a bowl and DEVOUR serve! :cool:

12.27 079

So. AMAZINGLY. Delicious!  ENJOY! :)

(Special thanks to my Mother-in-law, June, who not only cooked us an amazingly delicious holiday meal, but also allowed me to stand over her shoulder, taking pictures, and asking non-stop questions like an insanely inquisitive 4 year old for 2 hours! “What’s that?” “Why are you putting that in now?” “How much of that are you putting in?” :razz: THANK YOU JUNE!) :)

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