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Posted Aug 06 2010 12:00am
August 5, 2010 | Filed in:


The past two days have been crazy, but I’m the only one to blame! :wink: Yesterday I was in a workshop all day, so I’m a day behind on EVERYTHING and doing my best to catch up! :shock: Let’s get right to the good stuff!

Good news #1: I was FINALLY able to track down Pineapple Chobani in Cleveland, Ohio!  Wooohoo! (at Rocky River Target of all places!)

8.4 003

The second I laid eyes it, I knew what my breakfast was going to be the next day! :cool:

Combined with strawberries and MultiGrain Cheerios!

8.4 004 8.4 005

I officially have a new favorite Chobani flavor – Pineapple. The other flavors seriously can’t compete! :wink:

8.4 006

Good news #2: I discovered (thanks to IGE ) that pickles (just like kalamata olives) make a fabulous salad dressing!

8.4 0088.4 009

Good news #3: Last night, I had the best homemade comfort food dinner I’ve had in a long time!


8.4 015

The pictures don’t do it justice! :oops:

8.4 016

Cheese-filled, butter-y, onion-y, FF sour cream-y fantastic-ness! :cool:

8.4 018

Don’t let the pictures fool you – I went back for more! :wink:

Good news #4: I won myself the day off tomorrow! So on that note – I’m off to enjoy my evening, and plan my day off! :cool:

What’s your good news this week? :mrgreen:

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