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Permanent Link: A Vermilion Saturday

Posted Jan 28 2013 10:07pm
January 26, 2013 | Filed in:

A few weeks ago – my friend Megan and I decided to spend a Saturday morning and afternoon out in Vermilion. Random? Slightly. But it ended up being a fabulous time and I want to share the two gems we found with you.

YEARS ago – my friend Kristin told me about this cooking school – Laurel Run – that was out in Vermilion and how wonderful it was.  It’s a tiny little building nestled behind someone’s actual farm house – it’s a very cool set up.  They offer hands-on cooking classes and demos on a variety of topics.  The demo I chose to attend was on holiday baking.

Demo = I get to sit comfortably and enjoy my coffee while someone does the baking for me. It was actually a ton of fun – almost like being on the set of a cooking show.


It was SO. MUCH. FUN! Next time I’m definitely going to try one of the hands-on classes.

The instructor was very knowledgeable and took answers from the class as she cooked.

For example – my question: What is the difference between salted  butter and unsalted butter and how do I know which to use in a recipe is it just says “butter”?!

Answer: no real difference – they will yield the same end result, one will just be saltier/you’ll need to use less salt in the recipe because it’s already in the butter.

Phew – glad to know I haven’t been doing it wrong all these years. :)

We ended up making five different types of cookies:

IMG_2094 (a few might look familiar – they made it onto my holiday cookie platter. I promised I’d tell you more about them in another post)

#2 was by far my favorite. I have a hard copy of all of the recipes if you are interested! Just let me know!

After a hard morning of baking ;) Megan and I decided to check out a winery we had noticed signs for as we were getting off the highway.


I liked the building itself but something about the wood finish on the gray day we were out there made it remind me of something from a horror movie.  But I’m weird. And you should all know that by now. ;)

IMG_2095 IMG_2097

You can do small taste test flights if you stand at the bar – so that’s where we started. I was able to try five wines (probably about a 2-2.5oz pour each) for $5. Not bad at all!

IMG_2096 IMG_2109

And all of the wines were actually quite delicious. After picking our favorite – Megan and I sat down and ordered an actual glass and got a quick bite to each. My choice was their 2012 Dornfelder. You can see their full wine list here .


The restaurant area is open and inviting – and there’s a fun loft that would make an excellent spot for a private party.

IMG_2098 IMG_2106 IMG_2107

If I lived out in Vermilion this is someone I think I’d go quite often. But that brings me to the only drawback I could find (for me at least). It’s just so far out there. It’s a solid 35 to 40 minutes from Cleveland’s west side. But it’s definitely worth it.

So if you plan to attend a Laurel Run class – make sure to leave time for Vermilion Village afterward. Or – if you just randomly happen to find yourself in Vermilion some day – try to find your way to Vermilion Village for a beverage – you won’t be sorry!

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