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Perfect Pregnancy Nutrition Requires Plenty of All Natural Foods

Posted Nov 26 2008 10:08am
For the highest quality pregnancy nutrition, expectant mothers will do well to learn all they can about how to include more all natural foods in their diet. Whether expecting or not, the need for fewer processed foods is just good common sense. This is even more significant when thinking about pregnancy nutrition, as a healthy diet of all natural foods can be the first step toward a perfect birth.

Of course, weight gain is always a concern for proper pregnancy nutrition. That’s why it’s a good idea to know how many extra calories will be needed and which all natural foods will help a woman reach those numbers without consuming too many empty calories. The Institute of Medicine says, "Active pregnant women need about 2,500 to 2,700 calories per day during the second trimester and 2,650 to 2,850 calories per day in the third trimester. Inactive women will require fewer calories." One way to achieve the best pregnancy nutrition is to eat the best all natural foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables are relatively low in calories for the variety of nutrients they provide.

In addition, excellent pregnancy nutrition can be obtained from all natural foods that are prepackaged and concentrated with valuable whole food nutrients. Research shows that whole food ingredients used in some specially formulated, prepackaged all natural food concentrates are absorbed by the body more efficiently than isolated vitamins and minerals. Raw, whole foods and these all natural food formulas that are processed at low temperatures are more likely to contain live enzymes, which can allow for the most effective absorption of nutrients into the cells of the mother and the fetus.

Making all natural foods an integral part of any pregnancy nutrition plan will give the mother and baby the best prospects for a healthy birth.
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