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Peptide YY reduces hunger

Posted by Mary Ann P.

If you’re trying to drop a few pounds using anything but the Adkins or similar low carb plans, you may not be taking in enough protein. In the past I’ve done Weight Watchers and I tend to eat a ridiculously small amount of protein because it’s higher in points. Same goes if I’m watching calories. The good thing about the proteins found in nuts, lean meats and beans it the peptideYY. Peptide YY is an amino acid and it can help keep you satisfied and less hungry. It’s recommended that you get at least 35% of your calories from a healthy protein source every day.

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When I'm counting points I always eat plent of fish, especially Tilapia. One fillet is 2 points. Also, the tuna steaks that come seasoned in foil packs now are great and they've usually got only 4 points. As long as you're stingy with the starch and fill up on veggies you can eat quite a nice meal of 6 - 8 points!
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