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Peanut Butter and Banana Panini

Posted Jul 26 2008 10:05am
Mmmmmm...panini. Our panini maker is getting so much use. I love the thing! This morning's breakfast was a peanut butter, honey, and banana panini. The melty peanut butter, mushy banana, sweet honey, and warm whole grain bread was outstanding! So delicious all together! I could easily eat another, if I wasn't already full!

Also for breakfast, iced coffee with milk and sugar...

Red Sox-Yankees Game

The Red Sox lost in a close game last night. It was a bummer, but we had such a great time, I wasn't too upset about the outcome... plus it's only the first game in the series. 

Before the game, Mal and I and our friend, Josh (more about him next week!) checked out the newBleacher Bar, which is located under the Fenway Park bleachers. The bar has a garage door that has been converted into a large window where you can watch the players warm up before the game. Very cool. We grabbed a beer there, and then met our friends atBoston Billardsfor more beers and food. 

Mal and I ordered a plate of nachos, but we barely ate them because they were so horrible! They were probably the worst nachos I've ever eaten-- hardly any cheese, few toppings, and soggy chips that were pretty much mush. So disgusting. Ewww. 

Newlyweds at Fenway... 

After our unfortunate nacho experience, Mal and I were still hungry, so we decided to get a couple ofFenway Franksat the game. 

I ate my frank with ketchup and mustard. I'm not a fan of white bread/buns, so I mostly just ate the dog. It was delish, especially when eaten at Fenway! I also drank 3 big beers at the game. The beer was flowing last night! Over the course the of night, I drank 5, and I am feeling it this morning!

We're off to afamily reunionthis afternoon. Mal is getting the grand introduction to my family today. Hope he's got his game face on! :) Happy Saturday!
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