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peanut butter addict

Posted Mar 13 2010 11:35am 2 Comments

Is it possible to be a peanut butter addict? According to urban dictionary yes it is. They define it as:

"Someone who loves peanut butter more than anything else in the world. Will eat any amount of peanut butter to satisfy their crazy craving for the stuff. Similar to a crackhead needing more crack."


Not sure if I’m an addict yet but going through 2lbs of peanut butter last week it’s not helping my weight loss or diet.

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I definitely think PB has addictive qualities ;) Is your diet lacking in fat? I think we crave things for a reason, often due to insufficient nutrients in our diet. I use PB2 a lot as a lower-calorie alternative  I usually stir the powder straight into Greek yogurt for a high protein delicious low-calorie snack. Really good mixed with banana! Also easier to use portion control because you have to measure it out and mix with water.
I love peanut butter too!  But not quite as much as you do....I do love it on pancakes!
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