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PB Elite Molded Foam Roller 3′ Long, 6″ Round (Most Popular Size)

Posted Mar 18 2011 8:04am

PB Elite Molded Foam Roller 3′ Long, 6″ Round (Most Popular Size)

Improve your balance, massage your muscles, and stretch your tight hamstrings all in one with the PB Elite molded foam roller. Unlike traditional celled foam rollers–which break down and flatten out over time–the PB Elite’s molded form doesn’t have cells, helping it last three times longer. More significantly, the roller helps your body in a number of ways, including improving your alignment and hip mobility, increasing your core flexibility, and assisting with myofascial release. Flexibility is an important part of achieving and maintaining a full range of motion around the joints. The PB Elite roller contributes by letting you gently challenge your back, hamstrings, hips, abs, and other body parts to improve your core strength and flexibility. The roller also helps with self-myofascial release by putting pressure on tender areas along the muscle tissue (myo refers to muscle, while fascia refers to the tissue that surrounds the muscle fibers). When applying pressure, the golgi tendon organs help trigger the relaxation of the muscle spindles, helping dissipate the adhesions, increase blood flow, and enhance overall movement. Some users also use foam rollers to practice their golf swing, or during yoga and Pilates sessions. The PB Elite roller measures 3 feet long and 6 inches round.

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