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Pasta From Scratch

Posted Mar 08 2012 6:03pm

My wonderful boyfriend, Sean, bought me a cooking class at Augeste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts for Valentines Day. I am really convinced that he bought me this class as a hint that he wants me to make him pasta, which happens to be one of his favorite foods. Whatever his thought process was… it was great gift and I had a great time!

The class was about 10 people in size with 1 chef and 2 helpers. The two helpers were key components to the class. They took care of all of the cleaning and really made cooking fun (as did the chef). I wish I had two people following me at home cleaning up my mess! We began by going over the recipes while also receiving some great tips from the chef.

  • Never add salt to mushrooms until they release their water… or they will be very chewy
  • When you cook pasta or blanch vegetables you want the water to taste like the sea…. very salty, therefore you will not feel the need to salt your food
  • Also had pasta to rapidly boiling water
  • When making a tomato sauce never add sugar, if you feel the need for sugar add carrots
  • Always warm a pan before adding fat (olive oil or butter), and then add product, or else the product will just soak up all of the fat

On the menu for the night:

  1. Fresh Egg Pasta
  2. Tomato Sauce
  3. Spinach and Pine Nut Ravioli with Goat Cheese
  4. Wild Mushroom and Garlic Sauce
  5. Red Pepper and Pancetta Sauce

We began by all making dough which turned out to be a slight work out also… kneading isn’t as easy as the chef made it look. But I ended up with a nice piece of smooth dough!

While the dough rested we brought into groups to make the sauce and fillings. I picked the filling for the spinach and pine nut ravioli. Two others were also on this job with me. We ended up with a great filling!

Then it was rolling time… good thing it wasn’t by hand! The handy-dandy machines rolled out the dough for us and even cut it… I might have to invest in one of these.

The teacher explained how to fill the ravioli and seal them with egg wash… making sure of no air bubbles!

Finally time to cook the pasta!!! It only took about 3 minutes..

A glass of wine was served with dinner which was a pleasant surprise! I think I got my carbs in for the week…

Thanks again Sean!! I might just have to make you some pasta!

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