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Passion fruit

Posted Jul 03 2009 10:00am
Slice a fresh passion fruit in half, place it in the palm of your hand and enjoy its juicy, slightly musky sweet-tart tropical flavor with a spoon.

Both the fruit and juice of the passion fruit combines well with other fruits and juices, especially tropical fruits. In addition to being eaten fresh, passion fruit can be used to make preserves, sauces and ice cream.

Passion fruit has a flavor reminiscent of guava. The fruit is about the size of a hen's egg with a thick hard shell and rich gelatinous yellow-orange pulp containing soft edible seeds.

Passion fruit can be added to fruit salads and used as a topping for pavlova (meringue cake) and cheesecake and made into a fruit mousse. Cooked with sugar it can be made into thick syrup and used as a topping for shave ice or mixed with water and ice to make an ade.

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