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Pass On The Cheese

Posted by Lela D.

I found a great trick this holiday season to keep me from overeating to the point of feeling awful. I stayed away from the pre-meal cheese platter! It sounds so simple so why haven't I thought of it before? I love cheese and crackers, and I'll occasionally make a meal of it. But it's important to realize that by hitting the appetizers hard, we may consume the equivalent of a full meal before we even sit down at the table!
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I'm actually not a huge fan of turkey so I'd rather fill up on cheese before dinner....LOVE THAT CHEESE! I love all of it - the little cheddar cheese cubs and the brie...yum! But I do think it's a good idea to be moderate in your eating of it regardless.
Impossible! I mean, I understand what you're saying regarding how people tend to make a meal out of the cheese platter (yummy), but cheese is one of my few indulgences, so I tend to give in to it, no matter what. Just make sure you place the fresh veggies close to the cheese, so you can get a dose of something good while you're at it. :)
Here's the thing. They say that cheese closes the digestive tract -- that's why upscale restaurants will offer a cheese tray as dessert. Crackers before meals are no better than wolfing down a basket of bread. I also try not to scarf down ordinary cheeses at a party. I mean, save the calories for something special, rather than something that tastes like pencil erasers. Also, they say the proper portion of cheese is the size of a pair of dice.
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