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Parm Meet Minestrone

Posted Aug 24 2010 12:48am

Wow, you guys had such great comments on being vegetarian vs not. I was shocked to hear from so many new readers. I found all your comments so helpful and I agree with all of you, everyone is different and every body needs different things just listen to your body and give it what it wants. Thanks to you I’m feeling so good about my decision to reunite with meat again.

So a couple nights ago I had a serious craving for Minestrone Soup, I even sent Max out on a little mission to find some at the local market. Well, he returned home Minestrone-less and my craving was left unattended to. So surprise I’ve had a serious need for some rustic and hearty Minestrone Soup! Guess who was up to the challenge?


_MG_6725 _MG_6726

Jeffery, being the best teddy ever, took my order and jumped in the car. Turns were a little scary so he hung on and swung around.

_MG_6727 _MG_6729

He finally found a seat belt and even drove around a little to find my illusive vegetable soup. Luckily some place promising caught his eye.


Jeffery was so relieved, not only did they have Minestrone Soup on the menu, but it looked very tasty. So he ordered 4 servings with fresh parm for topping (such a smart bear).


Jeffery came home, Victorious! Sorry Max, turns out Jeffery wins this battle. I ate some for dinner last night and I had some for lunch today, it’s my favorite kind. I love large chunky veggies and this soup is filled with ‘em.

_MG_6741 _MG_6743

This soup is a tomato and beef based broth with kidney beans, white beans, carrots, green beans, celery, tomato, zucchini, italian seasonings and I’m sure a million things I forgot to mention. Oh- noodles, very Minestrone needs noodles.

I like to top my Minestrone with parm, if this sounds strange just try it. It takes Minestrone from a 10 to a 20 on the 10-Scale. Best lunch, my afternoon is going to be very happy.

Oh my goodness in all the excitement to talk about Jeffery again, because I know you all like him so much, I forgot to share breakfast. Let’s rewind to birds chirping and dew dripped flowers.


When it comes to cereal I’m one of those people who can never have just one bowl. I love it so much, there’s something about lightly sweetened crunch in cold milk. So I take cereal’s very seriously and can be pretty picky. Kashi’s Autumn Wheat is my favorite (along with Post’s Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds). It’s like Frosted Mini Wheats but for grown-ups.


These are lightly sweetened little wheat biscuits that are seriously addicting. But they are an excellent source of fiber, so go ahead and have that second bowl ;-) . I like to have mine with almond or rice milk. Delish.

On a nutrition note, I’ve been reading all about meat and pretty much everything I’m reading says that the break up of your diet should be 50% carbs 30% fat and 20% lean protein. What do you all think, how do you make sure your getting the right amounts of carbs, fats, and proteins?

Later Friends :mrgreen: .

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