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Park Street to Copley Square

Posted Jun 04 2009 11:15pm

I gave myself an extra 30 minutes before my physical therapy appointment to squeeze in some exercise. I took the T to Park Street and walked about 20 minutes to Copley Square. I hadn’t planned to snap photos while I walked, but the city inspired me today. (Again, remind me of this post in February!)

I walked from Park Street to Boston Common … 

Into the Public Gardens

Enjoyed some violin music

Crossed over Arlington

To Newbury then Boylston

And then to Copley Square, where I had my appointment. 

There were a lot of Duck Tours out this morning! :-D

Physical Therapy Appointment

So, my physical therapy appointment went pretty well. After poking and prodding me, my physical therapist determined that my hip is not from an IT band issue (I knew it wasn’t!), but instead it’s  Trochanteric Bursitis, Gluteal Tendonitis. Sounds kind of gross, right? It’s hard to figure out which one I actually have and the treatment is the same for both, so for simplicity’s sake, I have a little of each! ;-)

  • The Trochanteric Bursa is a fluid filled lubrication sac that sits on the outside/lateral side of the hip, under the iliotibial band. Inflammation of the bursa (bursitis) is the most common cause of lateral hip pain. Inflammation of this area can also cause a sensation of hip snapping. Trochanteric Bursitis can be the results of an overuse injury or compensation.
  • Gluteal Tendonitis is inflammation of the tendons that attach the gluteal muscles to the femur (thigh bone). This result from repetitive forced contractions of the muscle, such as in a soccer player forcefully kicking a ball.

So, long story short, I can still run! Yay! :mrgreen: But, my therapist limited my distance to 3 miles for now. I have 3 weeks of physical therapy ahead for me, where we’ll focus on building-up my hip strength and lower back mobility. If things progress well, I might be running longer distances sooner than I expected! My physical therapist couldn’t give me a specific timeframe, but he was very optimistic about my running future. :mrgreen:

Summer Sweet Potatoes 

Check out my newest Examiner post: Enjoy sweet potatoes year round. Sweet potato fries make a wonderful summer BBQ appetizer or side dish. 

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