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Panera Bread Company Gives Up

Posted Sep 12 2008 3:43am

I have been a huge fan of Panera Bread Company's low carb bread. It's the best tasting low carb bread I have ever had. And, I love that they will allow this as a substitution on any of their sandwiches! This is one of the only places where I can go out for a quick lunch and actually eat bread!

Well, I went to Panera today for lunch. And, they told me that they quit selling their low carb breads yesterday! The store manager told me that they simply didn't sell enough of it. She also told me that she thought that this applied to the entire chain and not just this one location.

I don't feel that they ever gave the low carb breads a fair chance. They listed them at the very bottom of their bakery menu. There was no mention of it on their sandwich menu. And, they never advertised the product. Most people on low carb diets typically avoid bakeries. So, without getting the word out, almost nobody on a diet would even know that it existed.

I would appreciate it if you would write Panera and ask for the return of low carb breads. Tell them that the product would not have failed if they had advertised it appropriately and displayed the option in a more prominent place on the menu. I don't know how much good contacting the company will do. But, it can't hurt. I absolutely loved their bread and the sandwiches options. I'm so saddened by this loss.

Write them using this form:

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