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Paleo Seminar experience

Posted Feb 19 2012 11:35am

Let me start out by saying, I am officially a registered nurse. Yes I passed my boards! Friday morning was a whirlwind of emotions from panic, scared, nervous, crying, pure excitement, and then complete exhaustion. My stress levels were out of control for the past week.

My mom and I celebrated by attending Balanced Bites Paleo seminar at Crossfit Riverfront. I started to dabble with the Paleo diet a few weeks ago after reading Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution book. Between Robb Wolf’s book and Diane’s seminar, my whole perspective on nutrition has taken a major U-turn. Everything about nutrition I was taught in school is essentially a load of crap.

[ Source - Robb Wolf]

The Paleo Solution was the real eye-opener for me, everything Robb Wolf talked about, how the hormones interacted with the body systems, how food is digested in the body, and what happens after digestion - it’s all true. There was nothing I could argue/disagree with him about, he just laid out the facts plain and simple. It was a wonderful refresher on how the digestive system works and an easy read. I highly suggest it to anyone who is interested in eating whole unrefined foods. The book is written in a way anyone can understand it – it does get a little “science-y” so having a little background in the way the body works is helpful but if you really have no idea about how foods are digested in the body and what your body systems actually do, I suggest learning about it. It is your body. Personally, I enjoy knowing how my body works. I digress…

Last week I found out about Diane’s Paleo seminar in Delaware. (Anyone who actually comes to Delaware is a fan in my book. Usually, I’m the one traveling to Philly, Baltimore, or DC to see anything special or exciting.) After some convincing, my mom decided to join me. This seminar was the icing on the cake. (Not actual icing, more of a coconut frosted paleo icing) A lot of the basics I had already known (just from my own studies) but what really stood out was the effect cortisol has on our bodies and how important it is to keep it regulated (everyone just needs to calm down). She talked about fats, why they’re good, which type to cook with, and why they’re important. The topic of leaky gut was also covered, which I’ve heard about but never in detail (I’m now on the way to fixing my leaky gut). She also showed a video on the way canola oil is made, and let me tell you. It is really gross. Do yourself a favor and dump it out. My mom recently purchased a bottle, unopened, I threw it out. No regrets. I also learned it’s about promoting a healthy balance within your digestive system – making sure your digestive tract is in harmony. This seminar was definitely worth it. She was nice, knowledgable, and was so helpful in answering our questions.

After learning so much about eating whole unrefined foods, I can say I’m hoppin’ on the bandwagon. Grains have already been eliminated from my diet for about a month now and I feel great. I definitely do not miss them anymore either. The hardest part for me will be fixing my leaky gut.

What I love most about eating whole, unrefined foods is that it promotes what works for your body. If your body can tolerate nuts, beans, legumes, nightshades (potatoes, eggplants, peppers), dairy, eggs, and other gut irritating foods, then eat them!

Personally, I know for a fact grains are very irritating to my system, nuts and dairy in mass quantities do not agree with me, and possibly eggs. I will be attempting to eliminate dairy, eggs, and nuts from my diet for at least 2 weeks to allow my gut to heal (if I’m not craving any of those things after 2 weeks, I plan on going the full 30 days). I know potatoes don’t cause me a problem therefore I don’t plan on eliminating them. I’ll start to eat more grass-fed beef as well. Unfortunately finding any kind of organic free-range chicken is hard to come by around here but I’ll be doing the best I can with what I’ve got.

I promise I won’t be ranting and raving about Paleo in every post. I wanted to give Diane the credit she deserves and let you know Robb Wolf’s book is a really good read.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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