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{Paleo} Fresh From the Farm (Garden) Dinner

Posted Oct 26 2012 11:40pm
My Dad and I sometimes send each other recipes and pictures of particularly good meals. He happens to follow a mostly / diet, consisting of lots of veggies, some meat (free-range and organic if possible), and minimal grains. He does do the running thing which is not really primal, but he likes it; what can I say. I have sort of been a runner in the past and while I can get into it, it’s too hard on my knees! (And his too, but he loves it too much, ha.)

Anyway — about a month ago he sent me this picture:

primal london broil dinner e1351308230959 375x500 {Paleo} Fresh From the Farm (Garden) Dinner

He says: London broil (grass fed), green bean salad with cherry tomatoes, and cooked greens.  The meat was a little tough but good.

I think the beans, tomatoes, and greens came from his garden in the backyard.

I see wine up there in the corner too! Good thing wine is primal – every “diet” needs some treats, don’t you think? My eat-everything-but-in-moderation diet includes treats – they usually look like ice cream (sometimes Tasti Delite and sometimes the real thing – I like both).

This is the green bean salad recipe . I’m not sure if he modified it – looks like there is some feta added in there. About a week before I got this picture I had been visiting in NJ and he made the salad but I ate it all before he got to try (oops) so I’m glad this time he actually got to eat the food he made. (I do that all the time when I am down there.)

This week has been a little bit crazy for me. Work has been interesting, to say the least. I got to yoga only twice (Tuesday and Wednesday), so I am hoping to go tomorrow and Sunday (Sunday there is a restorative class I like to take). Had a contractor in today to look at the bathroom and kitchen – hopefully renovations will be coming soon. I have an upcoming trip that I will talk about once everything is finalized (for work).

Poor Bobby has been sick the last day or two so we haven’t done much. We bought NyQuil this evening – he ended up taking some, but afterwards I started looking at the ingredients and that sh*t is scary. The ingredient list sounds more like a chemical-y shampoo rather than something you are supposed to consume. It also has 2 of my least favorite “food” ingredients – BOTH high fructose corn syrup AND sucralose. Why? WHY?! Why would you have 2 terrible sweeteners. Can’t ya use honey or something? I will stick with my Airborne and Emergen-C.

And now — I am about to brush my teeth and hit the sack.

My favorite way to eat beans might just be this salad above (with feta), and no, I don’t think I have ever taken NyQuil. I haven’t really ever taken any OTC drug except for Advil/Tylenol. I’ve only been on antibiotics maybe… twice? I think the last time I took them I was about 13 years old and a cat had scratched me in the eye. Maybe I was younger. My mom was never a fan of using prescription or OTC drugs unless they were really necessary (thanks, Mom!). Speaking of Mom… Mom, give me a picture of one of your dinners icon razz {Paleo} Fresh From the Farm (Garden) Dinner

P.S. I was featured in Blisstree’s feature article today, Fall And Winter Pantry Staples . My staple? Wild rice. Check out the article for more fun tips.

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