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Packing and More Packing

Posted Feb 06 2010 7:03am

Let the packing begin!!!

Mal and I have just 11 days to pack-up our entire apartment before our move. Eleven days might seem like enough timebut I’ll be in New York City for 3 of them and we have two very special guests staying with us for 4 of themso reallywe have just 4 days. Andthatmy friendsis a tad overwhelming. 8-O


ButMal and I are super plannersso we’ve mapped out our plan of attack. We made a list of things that need to get done and divided them up. Hopefullythis list will keep us on track.


In addition to creating a game plan for the next 11 daysMal and I have also embarked on Project Eat It So We Don’t Have to Move It. Basicallyyou’re going to see some weird meals on Carrots ‘N’ Cake– probably a lot of canned foodslike soupbeanstunaand other relatively heavy items.


Hopefullywe’ll save some money by doing thistoo. After the Move from Hellwe hired movers for moving out of this apartment and they’re sort of expensive!

IMG_4622.JPG IMG_4625.JPG

I also spent part of my morning packing for my trip to New York City on Monday. I’ll be there for a cake decorating event with Electrolux and Kelly Ripawhich will benefit the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. ObviouslyI am super excited! :mrgreen:

I’m terrible at packingso I figured that I might as well get a head start on the process. So farso good!


After making a considerable dent in packingI made myself a much-needed iced latte with non-fat milkagave nectarand cinnamon. It was just what I needed.



A little while laterI cooked-up an egg white sandwich with cheddarbuffalo saucebroccoliand mushrooms on toasted whole wheat Sandwich Thins.


I just threw in some raw broccoli and mushrooms to make the veggie egg white patty. After all of that cheesecake last nightit felt pretty good to put some vegetables into my body!


Thanks to everyone who entered! It seems like you guys had a fun time doing my little scavenger hunt! :-D

Andhere’s your winner: Aimee Scott!

CongratsAimee! Please email me with your mailing addressand I will hook you up with a sweet Valentine’s Day prize and something from my Carrots ‘N’ Cake shop!

Packpackpack! See ya!

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