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Pack a Gourmet Picnic for the 4th

Posted by C.L. R.

If you are heading out to enjoy the beach on the 4th of July, be sure to stay healthy. One of the ways to avoid all the temptation (ice cream cones on the beach, frozen tropical drinks at the beach bar, fried coconut shrimp from the take-out) is to pack your own healthy picnic. And in order to resist the temptation around you, be sure to make it holiday special! Start by choosing an organic, red wine. Red wine has been proven to contain antioxidants and is one of the better forms of alcohol you can drink. Add organic to its label and you're on fire. Throw some plastic wine cups in your basket to prep for that firework toast. Next, go gourmet. Swing through a restaurant or bread stand that offers whole grain, homemade breads. Pick yourself up a loaf. (very European, no?) Then, swing through the store and head to the deli. Get some lean cut meats and request a tiny square of a very fine, low fat cheese - something you wouldn't normally buy. Head on over to the fruit aisle and gather up an assortment of plump grapes, ripe strawberries and pre-cut watermelon. Grab a tiny bar of (dark) chocolate for good measure. Don't forget to pick up some ice. Now, when you're at the beach, you'll have a gourmet, well thought out cooler. And even though it may be a bit higher in fat that you'd eat on a normal day, the special treats will steer you away from items like greasy beach french fries that will blow your diet out of the water!
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