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Outdoor Night Games with kids

Posted Jul 23 2010 5:30am

When given the opportunity, kids love to be outside, especially at night!  Kids want to be active, and nighttime brings activity to a whole new exciting level.


My husband is great about taking the kids and their friends out at night to supervise, and the kids love it.  So, what kind of night games do we play?

  • Kick the Can  Like Hide and seek, and running mixed.  Person that’s IT counts, everyone else hides.  As the IT person looks for hiders, hiders can come out and run back to the can before they get spotted.  If they are spotted and tagged, they are out.  If they can get to the can before the finder tags them, they are safe.
  • Ghost in the graveyard  Everyone counts while.  one person hides (the ghost).  Then the group starts looking for the ghost.  When someone finds the Ghost, that person will yell, “Ghost in the graveyard”, while everyone tries to run home before they are tagged by the ghost.  If someone gets tagged before they get home, they are it.
  • Flashlight sardines  Everyone counts- one person hides.  When you find the hider, you hide with them. The last person to find the group hiding, becomes ‘it’ next time
  • Flashlight hide and go seek.  Regular hide and seek.  My sister in law brought the kids glow bracelets and glow necklaces to wear during our night games.
  • Capture the Flag-  Have two teams.  Each team tries to steal the other teams planted flag before getting tagged.  A BIG field is helpful in this one.  The “flag” could be anything- but something visible like a glow stick might be helpful.


Some interesting things I learned at my son’s 5th grade Star gazing night.  It takes 30 minutes to get 2/3 of your vision at night.  Meaning, when you first step outside, it’s hard to make out images, stars, shapes, etc.  But after 30 minutes, you can literally see most things, and even tell who people are.  It is really true!

What night games do you remember growing up, or that your kids play today?

Other sites with ideas

  • Family Fun- Flashlight tag Everyone has a partner.  Each partnership decides on a flashlight signal.  At once, all partnerships separate to opposite sides of field.  The first team to be reunited (by following your planned signal) wins.


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