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Out of the Blue

Posted Aug 19 2010 12:00am

When you’re scaling the Big Bad (Scary) Walls of Life, you don’t always have foot-holds.

If you’re fortunate, though, you’ll have a pair of Spidey-like Vibram KSO’s and a hardcore climber friend to spot you.  Yes, even when you’re still at ground level.

When you’re feeling a bit blue, there’s nothing a little more blue can’t fix.

Like a new Blue Bamboo plate. (Forgive me, friends: I am a plate-deprived college student, and square-like blue plates strike me as being particularly fancy.)  My Mom did not approve of my efforts to beautify my plateware, but I simply said, Mama, can I please, can I pretty please with Blueberries on top?

Like free Blue Bread t-shirts that I’d have no occasion to wear except whilst frolicking around my own (now-officially-sold)  home all by my lonesome.  I gave that shirt to my Mom because she wanted it and that shade of blue is her favourite colour to wear.

(Courtesy of Sophia )

Blue, blue, blue.

And so should you.

And then there’s my family.  So, so much love.

Does this post make you weird and scatter-brained? Does it make you crave sparkling water and cookies ?  If so, welcome to my world, suckas.

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