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Organics 101: What is organic and what does it mean

Posted Jan 25 2012 2:00am

Ahh, organic food.  This is such a buzz word right now that I wasn’t even sure where to start.  I was invited to now write for The Examiner  - a GREAT national website.  This is such an honor and I thank all of you for helping bring this little website and what we do to their attention.  My first post is called Organics 101: What is organic and what does it mean .  I’m looking forward to sharing these articles with you at Home Cooked Healthy too!  We’ll be discussing and taking questions all about Organic food, the industry and how it affects our lives each week.

If you had ask me 2 years ago what this “organic” meant the first thing that popped in my mind was “Overpriced Food”.  Seriously, I really didn’t think you were getting anything more for your money.  Foods, food right?  Well, now that I’ve taken an interest in the topic due to our families what I have found blows me away.  There is such a HUGE difference.  The price tag is just a small thing compared to what is now being done to our food.  I certainly don’t want to sound like an alarmist but if everyone knew what was being placed on some of our food there is NO WAY they would buy it and feed it to their families.

So what exactly is organic?  Looking back I got to thinking about my grandparents when I was young.  They ate real food from their gardens, wore real cloths made out of cotton and lived in real houses made out of wood.  Again, not trying to go to extremes but what they did was REAL.  We just now call it ORGANIC.  So funny how putting a new label on something can make it sound so chic!

Now, I’m not saying let’s all dump our food, clothes and houses.  But I am saying – let’s take a closer look at the things around us that affect our lives.  Especially the food, as we put this substance in our bodies and expect it to produce good results.  Our family is a living, breathing testament to what organic, or REAL food can do.

So check out the full article here – Organics 101: What is organic and what does it mean . I think you will be as surprised as I was about what’s in the applesauce your child is eating.

You can also read a previous post I did called   Dirty Dozen, Clean Ten – Foods to purchase or avoid .  This article reviews the top produce items to purchase organic and the ones that are fine to eat conventionally.

What questions do you have about organic foods or other products?  I would love to research and help you find the answers you have been asking.

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