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Organic Meat

Posted by C.L. R.

Oh man. My knowledge of health is starting to ruin it for everyone. I did go through a veggie phase but didn't stick to it. However, I went out to lunch yesterday and just couldn't enjoy the burger I was eating. Not so much because of animal rights, but because of everything I've read regarding meat that is shot up with hormones and antibiotics and the like. It really grossed me out and made me think twice about finishing my meal. I guess this is good - but do you remember those happy days when you could just shove McDonalds McNuggets into your mouth and not notice that they were absolutely disgusting??
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Last year, McDonald's came out with a new ad campaign for McNuggest stating, "Now made with real chicken." Do you still miss those happy days of eating mystery meat? I went to McDonald's site to look up the nutrition facts and the page was conveniently down (and I've gone back a few times now and it still doesn't work - same with ingredients).
Hahahaha - not at all. Isn't it amazing? There were all those rumors as well when we were growing up that KFC had to change their name because they weren't really using chicken - was that ever proven? The thing that shocked me was once reading that it's legal to use fillers like cardboard in fast food. I mean, vomit. If I wanted to eat cardboard, I'd smear avocado on it myself and go to town!
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