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Organic home delivery

Posted Apr 23 2009 12:33am
Because it’s Earth Day and all, I thought I’d share with you this great idea I unexpectedly stumbled upon while searching the internet for something else.

Organic home delivery. Wow. A lazy woman’s dream. Farm-fresh organic produce selected for me and delivered right to my door for a reasonable price? I did not know such a thing even existed. And to find it was available in my area, an area where there isn’t even a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s within 30 miles? I was so excited I couldn’t wait to sign up.

Door to Door Organics works with local organic farmers to provide delivery of seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs. Their service is currently available in Colorado, Michigan, Kansas City and Eastern states (CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA, DC).

You can choose the size of the box you want delivered every week (or every other week), and what you want to be in the box. All fruit, all vegetables, or a mixture of both. Don’t like cucumbers? Swap it out for something you DO like. There is no long-term commitment.

I am getting the “Bitty Box”, suitable for one to two people (because you know Mr. Jelly Belly isn’t touching the stuff) and I am opting for the mix of fruits and vegetables. Those with larger families can choose the Small, Medium or Large boxes.

On Friday mornings I receive an email letting me know that my next box is set up on their website and ready for editing. I go in, look at what’s being offered and either accept it as it, swap out items I might not like for something else, or skip that week’s delivery altogether.

For a total cost of $23, including delivery, here’s what will be in my box this week:

Romaine hearts
1 lb. of carrots
1.5 lbs. red garnet yams
1 lb. red onions
1 cucumber
3 bananas
3 apples
Pint cherry tomatoes
2 pears
3 minneolas (I had to look that up – they’re oranges)

Because I still have apples from last week, this week I chose to get rid of the apples and get some more yams. In my opinion, you can never have too many yams. And then I swapped out the tomatoes for avocados. It’s still early in the season, but I am really looking forward to my summer choices.

If you can get four people together who will have their boxes delivered to the same address (your office, for example) you become a “co-op” and are eligible for a discount. I don’t know how much – we only have three people so far.

Check around to see if you have a similar service in your area. Support your local farmers. Happy Earth Day!
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