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Organic celery is WAY better than conventional celery

Posted Jan 10 2010 9:30am


I’ve never liked raw celery sticks! I’m sorry, but celery as a vegetable has never really excited me at all.

There I’ve said it! Yes, a healthy eating expert that doesn’t like a particular vegetable is shocking, I know.

I’ve always found celery sticks to be tasteless and I used to make an effort to eat them, but not before covering them with a lot of salt to try to give them some taste (which really is not the best idea).

I will buy celery to cook. I make a delicious and simple meat pie and I love adding loads of vegetables in my pie and cooked celery is one of my favourites!

A few days ago, I posted about a recent grocery market tour with Sam Graci at Whole Foods Market where he took me around the store to show me how to eat a balanced diet of pH-balanced foods.

>>> Here’s a photo of all the food I got from Whole Foods Market (I guess I can thank Sam Graci for helping me discover organic celery):


The highlight of the day (other than learning from one of the top experts in healthy eating and spending time with one of my favourite people in the industry) was going home with two big and heavy bags of mostly organic foods from Whole Foods Market!

The bags were filled with greens and I remember looking at the celery with little interest.

That said a few days after coming back home with all that good food, I found myself needing a quick and easy dinner so I grabbed some leftover chicken breast to prepare an open-face sandwich and decided to skip the organic blue corn chips and eat the organic celery and carrots.

I was automatically reaching for the salt with one hand while putting a piece of organic celery in my mouth with the other hand and I truly could not believe what was happening in my mouth.

I thought it was a mistake so I dropped the salt container, cut up another piece of organic celery and put into my mouth and closed my eyes to make sure I could take in the flavour of this newly discovered vegetable.

Organic celery is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tasty! I mean it’s worlds away from conventional celery!

>>>> Here are some photos from the grocery store:

1) Conventional celery



2) Organic celery



You cannot even compare the two and had I put salt on the organic celery it would be impossible to eat it because organic celery contains a lot of natural salt (and it already tasted perfectly salty).

If you read the post I wrote on Dr. Oz’s organic food recommendation, you’ll see that he doesn’t think that we necessarily have to buy all of foods organic (if we cannot afford to do so), but certain food are imperative.

Here’s something I learned thanks to my delicious basket of food from Whole Foods Market, certain organic foods tastes dramatically different from their conventional counterparts and that’s a good reason to buy the organic produce or product.

Now, I know there is a price difference between the two.

I checked at my local grocery store and there is a difference of price as you can see below, but I can assure you that once you buy (and eat) organic celery … there is no going back!

Top photo by Muffet

All other photos by

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