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Orange Juice: A Hangover Remedy?

Posted by Nirmala N.

Hangover troubles? Word has it that drinking orange juice after downing your cocktail can actually help prevent any regrets the morning after. According to Chicago's Diamond Headache Clinic, fruit juice's fructose levels actually help you burn off alcohol and flush it out of your system more quickly. The best course of action? After a long night out with the girls or guys, drink an eight to ten-ounce serving of fruit juice right before bedtime.
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OJ can rip your stomach with it's concentrated acid content. This is particularly true after excessive alcohol consumption. Better to dilute it 50/50 with water.
Juniper berries are an herbal remedy for headache and other symptoms of hangovers. Drinking gin cocktails (which are made with juniper berries) can help if you keep your consumption to a medium minimum. Just don't operate heavy machinery, like a car.
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