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Oprah Wants to Know: Parents, Are You Worried That Your Child is Addicted to Sugar?

Posted Dec 18 2008 7:34pm

Parents, are you worried that your child is addicted to sugar? If so, Oprah wants to know!

That's right. If you're concerned about your child's moody, erratic, wiped-out, brain-fogged, sugar-induced behavior, read this invitation to become a guest on an upcoming episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show about this topic.

Here's what Oprah wants to know:

"Does your child suffer from sugar meltdowns -- constantly craving sugary snacks and throwing a fit when you try to take them away? After eating sweets, have you seen your child go from happy to moodiness and tears minutes later? Do you notice a dramatic change in his or her behavior depending on what foods he or she eats? Have you seen your child `crash' after the sugar high is over? Maybe after drinking soda or juice your child seems content but his or her mood quickly spirals out of control? As a parent, have you found yourself giving into their sugar cravings to avoid a fight or a tantrum? If you suspect your child is becoming addicted to sugar and it is affecting his or her behavior at home and at school, we want to hear from you! Please email us your story only if you are willing to appear on television."

Parents of sugar-addicted kids, I know you're out there -- I've connected with hundreds or even thousands of you for years -- please reply now to Oprah's producers. Would you be kind enough to tell them that Connie  Bennett, the former sugar addict-turned-sugar-liberation expert and author of SUGAR SHOCK!, sent you?

Please, readers of this SUGAR SHOCK! Blog, do your part to help Oprah help your kids and millions of other sugar-hooked kids around the country (and the world).

Go ahead: If you're concerned about your child's sugar habit and the horrific consequences, write to Oprah's producers now.

Naturally, suffice it to say that I'm thrilled!

Hurrah for Oprah and their producers for planning such a show. This is exactly the kind of attention warranted by our wiped-out, cantankerous, brain-fogged soda-guzzling, candy-chomping kids.

The Oprah Show is the ideal venue to begin helping desperate, dessert-obsessed kids (and adults) so that they can break free of their habit so they can get more energy, concentrate better, be more cheerful and calm, have improved relationships with classmates and much more.

Incidentally, I'm marveling at how the above descriptive questions from The Oprah Winfrey Show sound uncannily similar to some of what I wrote in Chapter 17 of my book, SUGAR SHOCK! (The title of the chapter is: "For Parents: Help Your Young Sugar Brats End Their Fits of Fury.")

Just listen to the first two paragraphs of that chapter:

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