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Operational Beautiful the Book – A Giveaway

Posted Aug 09 2010 4:44pm

A little over a year ago Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point spawned a little side project blog she called Operation Beautiful . It all started with a post-it note that she left on a bathroom mirror – a note that said “You Are Beautiful” after having a not-so-great day feeling pretty crummy about herself.

She blogged about it and suddenly women all around the world started doing the same thing. Many of these women started sending Caitlin pictures of their post-it notes in places like the gym , the grocery store , the library – any place a woman (or man!) might see it and be reminded that they are awesome.

A short while later Caitlin was offered the opportunity to turn her inspirational idea into book ! And just last week, Caitlin’s book appeared on store shelves across the country.

Having fallen out of the healthy living blog world for a while there, I’d sort of forgotten about Operation Beautiful – not to mention the book. The message is of course very sweet but very important as well. We need to stop picking ourselves apart and remember that despite any flaws you may have (and we all do!) – you are still an amazing, incredible, beautiful person, flaws and all.

You are not what you own. You are not what you wear. You are not a wide waist or short legs or the couple of stray gray hairs you can no longer hide by plucking them out of the top of your head.

So after watching Caitlin on the Today show last week

and following along with book release happenings through cyberspace, I added “Buy Operational Beautiful” to my to-do list. It just so happens that one of my post-it notes is featured in the book! Squeal! I mean, this could be the closest I ever get to writing my own book – damn straight I’m gonna go buy a copy!

But then something crazy happened. After getting reacquainted with Operation Beautiful at the end of last week, I suddenly started to catch myself having all these negative thoughts about myself! At any given time on any given day – in the shower, on a bike ride, a run, looking in the mirror, driving in the car… those stinkin’ negative thoughts would creep in without even realizing it! Holy crap I do this too! And that’s when it hit me – maybe I should actually read this book.

So off I went to Border’s this weekend to fetch myself a new book – armed with post-it notes and a sharpie, of course.

Prove a Point

And just to prove a point, I’ll have you know I’m not exactly fond of this picture of myself. I wasn’t even going to post it until I realized that I’m an idiot. Unwashed hair! (The hair wrap is a dead giveaway.) Unflattering lighting! Why is the post-it over my mouth like that? Why did I even take this picture?

Geez woman, how about you completely miss the point here.


Four copies on the shelf,

On the Shelf

I pulled one out and left a note on it. (That’s right, a breastfeeding post-it – killing two birds with one stone here.)

Operation Beautiful Note

(And this would be where a store person stopped to asked me if I need any help. Nooooo, I’m fine! Just wheelin’ a permanent marker around here near all these brand new books on your shelves… why do you ask?)

I put the post-it loaded book back on the shelf and then snagged my own post-it-less copy, thinking about the fact that I am just as guilty as so many other women in this world with the negative self talk and thoughts. Dammit!

And then I thought you know what, someone else probably needs to read this too.

Operation Beautiful the Book

Someone like you.

So I snagged one more, and yup I’m giving it away! All you have to do for a chance at winning a copy of Operational Beautiful: Transforming the Way You See Yourself One Post-It Note at a Time is to leave a comment on this post telling me that you could use a good kick in the pants to be reminded to knock off the negative self talk too. I’ll choose a winner by random by the end of the week.

Now leave a comment and then go think something nice about yourself, would ya?

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