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Oops & Goods

Posted Feb 28 2012 2:30am

Oops & Goods

28 Feb posted by
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Running to Town Lake Trail and then to Whole Foods = Good

Arriving at Whole Foods with no list = Oops

The downtown Whole Foods is not only new-to-me-store-layout confusing, but it’s also a total circus.  Focusing on a new recipe was impossible.  Heading to the salad bar was boring.  And whatever I was going to do I needed to do fast because it was getting darker by the second and I’m super afraid of walking home in the dark.

I supermarket sweep-ed a bunch of random good-ish sounding things and headed home.  I couldn’t help but think of how unappetizing everything looked as I was putting everything away.  But without much choice, I marinated some cukes, poached an egg, talked to my mom on speaker, and transferred cottage cheese and tabbouleh onto a plate.

The tabbouleh, cottage cheese, and cukes actually went really well together.  I scooped and mixed until it was all gone, saving the perfectly poached egg on perfectly burnt toast for last.  On my to-do list?  Perfectly poaching eggs as much as possible and making my own tabbouleh.

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