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One Week Challenge: Week 3 - Eliminating Alchohol Dependance

Posted Oct 30 2010 9:24pm

Just before I left for Bali I went to visit my family GP for a check up and possibly vaccinations. Whilst I was there we were chatting about my weight and thyroid condition - since starting to take Thyroxin a few years ago I haven't really found it any easier to loose weight.

And over the last month as I have been exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy (although with a few drop out days) I haven't lost any weight and my doctor suggested maybe it is an insulin problem. So I need to go and get a blood test and if I have a high blood glucose level then she has prescribed Diabex help maintain lower blood glucose levels.

I want to make my weight-loss part of a total lifestyle change, not just a "diet," so I'm worried that by simply taking a tablet will I continue to yo-yo for the rest of my life or will I be stuck taking another lot of tablets for the rest of my life.

Of course I will get the blood test because I am interested to see what my blood glucose levels are like regardless, but as far as lowering those levels I want to try and do that naturally first. And I have two ideas about how I can get this ball rolling.

Idea One: One Week Challenge - Eliminating Alcohol for One Week

I know that although I try to eat well and exercise, I can do these things a lot better but what really sets me back is the amount of alcohol I drink. I don't drink soft drink or have sugar in my tea or coffee, but I will easily consume a bottle of wine in an evening!!

After a long day of frustrating work all I can think about on the bus trip home is glass of wine, and it starts whilst I make dinner. The first glass goes down far too easily and soon I'm on to glass two before I even get dinner finished. And so it goes on and on and before I know it the bottle is gone.

I was just doing some reading and there are about 2340kj in a bottle of white wine.... That's almost like having a disgusting, fatty MacDonald's burger on top of my dinner every night!!! That's insane! No wonder I can't loose weight. Not to mention that drinking makes me lazy and I often get emotional or angry (and my poor fiance cops the brunt of that).

This week (starting today until next Sunday) I will abstain from drinking any alcohol. Difficult in the advertising world - but I am hoping with my new nutritional career focus to be less reliant on alcohol for dealing with my stress levels.

Idea Two: 5 Days of Low Glycemic Eating with Meghan Telpner

Thank you Universe! Meghan Telpner is running a 5 Day Low Glycemic Eating Challenge, SO completely appropriate for me right now! This starts on November 5 so I will undoubtedly I will end up doing 2 weeks alcohol free and learn a lot more about low glycemic eating.

Very excited about this, I have low G.I. cookbooks but I think this will be a fun and supportive way to try and make low G.I. part of my everyday life.

I will try to organise my blood test to be done early this week, and maybe I can even re do it in a week or two to see if these two challenges have helped me improve my overall blood glucose levels! If I can avoid having to take Diabex at the end of these two weeks of trial this would be ideal.

So focusing on this week's adventure, I hope to research and look at topics such as
  • Adverse effects of long term consumption of alcohol;
  • Methods and tips that may break my drinking habit;
  • Alternative recipes for a relaxing evening drinks;
  • Effects of Alcohol on Insulin levels; and
  • General review on how I have been feeling plus the usual update on weight and measurements.
Going to be a big week!

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