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One of the reasons why I love my job

Posted Sep 08 2010 12:07pm

Is finding little places like this… CIMG6023 CIMG6026 CIMG6024

…and being able to spend a few minutes relaxing and taking it all in.

This was at the bottom of a country road next to a church hall where I was attending a meeting. The ladies were selling home made jams and chutneys and I couldn’t resist buying a few jars:


I got beetroot chutney, plum chutney and orange marmalade, yum!

Anyway back to this morning – I had a delicious indulgent breakfast of a slice of apple cider pound cake (this defrosted really well) cut into pieces and mixed with fresh strawberries and blueberries then topped with some peanut butter sauce (teaspoon of peanut butter mixed with 2 tablespoons of kara coconut milk and warmed in the microwave).


A bit like desert for breakfast! I knew that I would be out at meetings again so I packed a cashew cookie nakd bar in my bag for a mid morning snack.


Lunch was a bowl of kale, broccoli and cauliflower soup followed by a juicy peach.

CIMG6028 CIMG6031

Later that afternoon I found myself starving so as soon as I got in the house I ate an unpictured apple. I then had a beet it shot for running fuel.


If you missed all the info on the beet shots it can be found in this post .

I headed to the gym and did a 4 mile run doing the same speed work as last week. I really enjoyed it and it flew over. I was really tired by the end of it though!

At the moment I’m trying as best I can to use up cupboard ingredients to save money on groceries. I thought I would try and use some green lentils from my store cupboard. I cooked them until tender then mixed them with some sautéed garlic, onion, carrot, red pepper and kale. I added a tablespoon of beetroot chutney for extra flavour and a dash of soy sauce. I then served it with some romaine lettuce.


I was ok but I felt it could have done with some feta or something similar to give it additional taste.

For desert I whipped up another bowl of protein ice cream using chocolate peanut butter swirl spiru tein, soy milk, ice cubes and xanthan gum. I topped the bowl with some cocoa powder and a little agave.


I know that xanthan gum weird's some of you out but I can’t help but find this delicious! I also had a chopped apple with some mixed spice sprinkled on it.

I’m looking forward to trying out my new chutney and marmalade. Do you like chutneys and if so what’s your favourite way to eat them?

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