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One of my favorite fishing spots ...

Posted Jan 25 2009 5:00pm
One of my favorite fishing spots. I didn't catch anything........but he sure did.
Turkey meatballs;
I like ground turkey. It's versatile and makes for a good change from the grass fed ground beef. I don't however like ground turkey breast. It has no flavor at all.
Chop up some onion, grab your spices of choice, (may I suggest some mustard seed powder as part of your mix) add one egg, mix well and shape some balls. I like to cook them on very very low heat in extra virgin olive oil. It takes a little longer this way, but the flavor that the oil imparts is amazing. And from most quality information off all of our favorite blogs out there, you shouldn't really heat evoo anyway.
These turkey balls are also great for leftover snacks. Or for breakfast. Yesterday I sauteed some spring onion and tomato, added diced up meatballs and had that with 3 fried eggs. Tiny little bit of my hot sauce.
"Still we know now, we never see smoke with out fire, and everyone you see has a hearts desire"
Bob Marley
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