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Once Upon a Time

Posted Aug 31 2011 12:00am

Once upon a time I updated this regularly.
(Okay maybe only somewhat regularly. I’ve never been great at the consistent schedule thing.)

Well, if anyone cares enough to take look at this poor blog’s history from the last few months, there isn’t much to see…

(It’s looking a little empty around here…)

Once upon a time I updated this (somewhat) regularly from my laptop.
(Now that I’m done school I avoid opening my laptop as if it were Pandora’s box. I regret it nearly every single time I do. I spend 90% of the time that I am using it cursing at it and threatening its last traces of life. I’m still in need of a new one. I’m still very much going to buy a new one –> transitioning to MAC baby! I’m just great at putting off spending large lump sums of $$. It’s a scary thought. But it IS happening. Most likely within the month.)


Right now I’m on my big box screen PC, rockin’ it old school.


Once upon a time I had too much free time.
(This summer equaled WAY too much free time. You think you want more free time…but too much of anything can be a bad thing. Free time definitely included.)


My free time is about to virtually disappear. I mentioned starting a new job a month ago (… but failed to ever elaborate on that. Surprise surprise.) and just started another one, this one full time, at the beginning of the week. Bring on the busy (but don’t make me eat those words by the end of the month, please).


(I swear I’ll actually elaborate on the job dealios this time…just next round. But it’ll be there.)


Once upon a time I had a Lava Lamp.
(I dunno I just really wanted to put up a picture of a Lava Lamp. I used to actually sleep with mine turned on every single night.)


Even the faintest trace of light keeps me up. The alarm clock glow is blocked with a book tower or a shirt. I do miss that lava glow though.

Once upon a time it was summer.
(Technically it still is. But I snub technicalities.)

Since tomorrow is SEPTEMBER 1st, it is now (temperatures aside) basically FALL –> the best season ever. This is also the first one ever that I will not be going back to school. Such a bittersweet realization. I always secretly looked forward to going back to school, even when I sometimes dreaded it at the same time. By the end of summer I was ultimately always ready to go back to school. And this year I can’t. That being said, I’m excited for THIS fall for a multitude of other reasons. tumblr_lq2wbjrSb41qzjor8o1_500_large  

Welcome September!



Once upon a time I wasn’t quite so conceited…and I talked about food…
(Still doing plenty o’ blog reading, much more often than I’m doing my own writing. I’m looking for a voice of some kind. Mine writing ‘voice’ is a little hoarse right now. The downtime I’ve been giving it has been helping. Maybe it will come around soon. I’m feeling more like writing again… I’m just not quite sure what yet. Time shall tell.)

[all pics found from searches via weheartit and pinterest ]

What are YOU looking forward to for this lovely FALL month?

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