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On the road....Clif Mojo, Cheesecake factory and the Workout

Posted Nov 04 2008 7:05pm
Hola! How are we all doing today? I amd going pretty well. I am on travel in the DC area (what a crazy day to be in the DC area!!). I left Charleston this am and arrived in DC around noon. I stopped and got a coffee and snacked on this baby-
This+my coffee+a small breakfast was all that I had until 5:30 tonight! This bar really did an amazing job holding me over. Plus it was VERY good! I def want to try more of these Clif Mojo bars. The bar is sweet (but not toooo sweet) and crunchy. It had all of the greatness of a PB&J without all the bread! Yum yum! Great job Clif! After my meeting, I called my old roomie (and one of my beautiful bridesmaids) Suzie! We met up at Cheesecake Factory and had a very yummy dinner! Here is a pic of us:

Please excuse how tired I look (it was a long day :)). For dinner, they were having some awesome specials on apps. We got three to split:
Chicken Quesadilla:

Avocado eggrolls (these were wayyy naughtie)- we were sooo hesitant to try these because they sounded odd. They were OK:

and lettuce wraps (clearly the best part of dinner):

After dinner, I drove about an hour to my hotel. I quickly changed clothes and headed down to the gym for a workout. It felt like EVERYTHING was against me. First, the tv was broken. Next, my ipod battery died. Then the tredmill was all messed up. I worked through it and got in a great 1 hour workout. I'm off to practice some Body Step :) Have a good night!
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