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On Being A “Realist”

Posted Jun 04 2011 10:03pm

I want to share the exchange pasted below that I had with a Small Bites reader earlier today to help clarify my strong position not only on My Plate, but on other nutrition-related issues.  I find it troublesome that finding fault with offered solutions is often times viewed through a lens of dissatisfaction and pessimism, rather than an acknowledgment that the offered solutions either have flaws or do not really attempt to solve the problem at hand.  It would be disingenuous on my part to pretend that my intense hunger for change to our food system can be abated with a smattering of bread crumbs.

If I were cynical, I wouldn’t take the time to inform myself of or blog about the issues that affect our food system.  I would simply shrug and say, “Nothing is ever going to get fixed, why should I bother?”  I consider myself a realist because I believe that if the problem is approached from a different angle (one that focuses on policies and laws), we would see more substantial change.

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