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Omega-3 for your pains

Posted by Teresa J.

Recently, I was reading a Runner's World report on Omega-3 fatty acids and I found that the old adage "Teach a man to fish..." will not only come in handy for survival but for joint pain (perhaps achy knees, for you runners) as well. Apparently, Omega-3 has now been found to have anti-inflammatory traits, good for "joint pain associated with arthritis or exercise." These amazing fatty acids might even prevent joint pain! Studies show that asthma brought on by exercise can be prevented with Omega-3 as well.

The best news? The simple fact is that eating fish is the way to get Omega-3! Of course, you can eat canola oil, fish oil enriched products, flaxseed, and walnuts as well to get this fatty acid in your diet, but you won't get quite as much that way.

Give a man a fish and who knows what could happen!

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I recommend wild fish if you can find it. Make sure you don't get the bottom eaters. Bottom eaters tend to pick up toxic waste. Farm fish is not all the great either because they are not fed properly.
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