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Omega 3 DHA EPA Study + Research - Brain + Heart Health and Fats NuIQue Omega 3 DHA EPA

Posted Mar 07 2012 7:10am
Omega 3 DHA EPA Study + Research - Brain + Heart Health and Fats NuIQue Omega 3 DHA EPA

 Brain Fats vs Bottom Fats
Fats for our brains not more fats for our bums needed

A review of the article in the Daily Mail that looks at a number of studies on Omega 3 essential fats DHA and EPA and their role in brain health

Leading health consultant and Nutritionist in London Yvonne Bishop-Weston reveals “It’s not just transfats that make it difficult to attain the optimum balance of omega 3 fats from our diet. We need a number of vitamins and minerals such as b vitamins and zinc to process basic omega 3 fats into longer chain EPA and DHA. The modern half food diet of junk food rather than whole food is deficient in these nutrients. The balance and ratio of tryglycerides and omega 6 and omega 3 plays a part too as they need similar nutrients and enzymes to be processed. If your little bit of omega 3 is crowded out and last in the queue at the bus stop it won’t get to your brain where its’ needed. If you get tested and find you have insufficient DHA for optimal health and reduced risk of disease , combined with a healthier diet, a very pure EPA/ DHA supplement is the most reliable to get you back on track
A special offer on sustainable, mercury free, very pure omega 3 DHA EPA suitable for vegetarians and vegans and fish allergy sufferers can be found here

See also a review of Fish oil / Cod Liver oil vs Vegetarian Omega 3 DHA supplements

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