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Olivia’s 6 month update!

Posted Apr 22 2013 6:28am

Just a note: With all the events that have happened in the past two weeks I just couldn’t bring myself to blog. I had nothing to say. My family lost a very special family member the week before the tragic event in Boston. That was the reason for my original absence. Blogging felt so trivial for me, so I just stayed quiet. I have a lot of friends in Boston and my heart was and still is with them. Then the mass explosion happened in Texas and the earthquake in China…it’s been a tough week for the world. Praying for the people affected by all of these events. In an effort to be back in a positive place:

My baby girl turned 6 months on Saturday. Why is 6 months so emotional? How has the past 6 months been so long and so short at the same time? How have I feel like I’ve had Olivia in our lives forever, but it feels like yesterday when she came into the world?




I am with her everyday…and soak up the time I have with her, but yesterday I felt like I was taking in every single second as it passed. I looked through pictures of when she was first born and compared them to her now. How is my baby girl who once was snuggled up in my arm, this little curious, investigative, laughing, playing girl now? (Who by the way, rarely wants anything to do with a snuggle…)

This is the first month her pictures are sitting up. Last month she was sitting up too, but she wasn’t as steady as she is now. The sitting up by herself just makes her look so big to me.




What’s new this month?

  • Rolling back and forth. She’s finally actively rolling. She mostly rolls front to back and back in her crib and she’ll do it when she wants when we play.
  • She loves sitting up. She’s really good at it, but I still use the boppy some of the time so I’m not on top of her.
  • Olivia is very good at using her hands. She can pick small and thin things up and transfer them or turn/rotate them between her hands.
  • She anticipates things, like peek a boo, or if you’re coming closer to her when playing a game. If you are hiding under her high chair she’ll look for you.
  • Her yelling/shrieking in excitement has reached a new decibel. She started making the “dadadada”  sound Saturday too.
  • She’s bouncing like crazy in her jumparoo.
  • She looks for people when she hears the door.
  • Gets frustrated when she doesn’t get what she wants.
  • Reaches for things out of her reach and if she doesn’t get it, she cries. (Can’t remember if she did this last month?)
  • Has tried carrots, sweet potato, banana, avocado, strawberries, broccoli, applesauce. (The only thing she HATES is oatmeal. She likes the rest.)
  •  Lifts her belly up and moves legs up like she’s going to move forward…but then just moves backwards or in circles.
  • She recognizes people who come around a lot.
  • Actually plays (chews?) with toys now



At the recommendation of her pediatrician we started oatmeal around 5 months. She HATED it. I took a couple of breaks and kept going back to it, mixing it with other foods, etc but she always hated it and spitted it out. I thought she hated all food until I tried carrots & sweet potatoes. We are waiting 3-4 days between foods. So far everything is good. She gets 1-2 small blotches randomly, (NOT raised, or itchy) but it doesn’t seem to align with any specific food. I sent a picture to her pediatrician and she said it’s probably not a food allergy and just to watch it. It’s not consistent which makes me believe it’s her bib or from when we hold her or something. I’m not worried about it, but wanted to make a note.

My friend lent us the Beaba baby food maker (THANK YOU!!!) so I’ve been making food in that. I’ve made sweet potato, carrots and broccoli. I use Trader Joe’s organic applesauce because it’s only apples in there. She has days where she wants to eat more and some where she barely eats, but since it’s for fun I’m not very concerned. We use the mesh feeder for banana and avocado. I’m not doing Baby Led Weaning. I just felt like I was more comfortable starting with purees. We did let her suck/eat a strawberry while we switched between us and her holding it.


She still fits in some 3-6 clothes, but we have her mostly in 6-12 because she is so long. We also just switched to size 3 diapers. She kept leaking out of size 2 diapers for no reason and I think they just didn’t cover her behind that well. No leaks so far in size 3s.


Oh sleep. There was a definite 6 month regression…I feel like I don’t even remember what sleep was like before that. She’s getting up 1-2 times a night to eat..but sometimes will get up even more than that. She is in her crib which is good. She still naps in a non-moving swing which we’ll deal with in the next month. She takes 2-3 naps a day depending on the length of them. If she wakes up from her second nap around 3 then that’s it for the day. Her bedtime is at 7, which sometimes is 15 minutes earlier or later depending on naps. I’ll do a whole post on sleep again one of these days. During the main point in the wonder week/sleep regression we were feeding her 3-4 times a night basically just to soothe her…I was fine with that for a little bit but then it came to the point where she was barely eating and just using it to soothe. We’re attempting to use a pacifier now and it seems to working okay. Again, in a week or two I’ll do another post on sleep to see where we are.

6 month regression/26 week wonder week:

People these things are REAL. We had a cranky/fussy baby for about 2.5 weeks. She didn’t want to be put down basically ever unless I was standing on my head entertaining her.  Last Tuesday she finally came out of it and is back to my smiley, happy girl. I know a portion of her whiny/crankiness is her getting older and just wanting what she wants and since she can’t really move on her own yet she whines.

Things that amaze me:

  • I know this seems obvious, but the busier the week and the more plans I make, the faster the week goes! (duh.)
  • Another obvious one: being a parent is the most amazing, hardest job in the world. (duh. again.)
  • When Olivia does something and she’s proud of herself.
  • Why when we have so many toys, Olivia only wants to play with the remote and her socks.
  • How fast things change: sleep, skills, etc. Things are ALWAYS changing. (are these all obvious…?)

I’ll try to remember to update her weight/height when I go to the doctor with her on Tuesday!



 Here’s to another wonderful month down and another to come. So blessed.

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