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Olivia’s 5 Month Update!

Posted Mar 27 2013 1:08pm

5 months! Wow. As I was taking out the 5 months sticker last week to stick on Liv’s onesie, I couldn’t believe that 6 months is next. How time flies. I know that we are not going to be without trying times, but my little newborn baby is for sure, gone. She is a baby. A very expressive, happy, chatty, laughing baby. I can honestly say I enjoy spending time with her every day.


I feel so lucky I get to stay home with her. There certainly are tough moments and even tough days but over all we have a blast together. (Oh, the irony of this sentence…she’s currently avoiding her 2nd nap BIGTIME.) I can’t wait to play outside with her and take her to mommy and me classes when she gets a bit older.



I feel like this month was such a big month.

  • She can sit up unassisted for a couple of minutes…even longer in the boppy pillow. I feel like this happened out of no where.
  • She scoots backwards and rotates when she’s on her belly.
  • Rolls over belly to back, although she’s quite disinterested in doing this. She has only rolled the opposite way once.
  • Arches her back and tries to scoot on her back. Managed to get halfway off her boppy lounger doing this. (I was right there.)
  • “Eats” oatmeal daily. We started at 5 months and took a couple breaks b/c she didn’t seem ready. Now she takes it, but doesn’t love it yet.
  • LOVES avocado in mesh feeder.
  • Grabs and reaches with one or both hands.
  • Can transfer toys from one hand to another.
  • Gets super excited (smiles & laughs) when Daddy comes home. (Cutest thing EVER.)
  • Blows bubbles.
  • Brings hands together and makes clapping movements.
  • Lifts arms and feet while on belly.
  • “talks” so much.


I will do a fully updated post on sleep and where we are. We are just about to transition her into the crib…possibly tonight even. She is also taking 2-3 naps a day, but I think soon we’ll be down to two officially. Three naps a day are happening less and less. She wakes up usually between 6:30-7:30. If she wakes up with a 5 in front, I wait 15 minutes and see if she’ll fall asleep. If not, I’m trying to treat it as a night time wake up and go in quietly, feed her, put her down and leave. This has only happened once and it worked. Olivia typically gets up once a night. If she gets up again we try to let her fuss it out or go in and “shush” her.



We’ve tried oatmeal and avocado in a mesh feeder. We started out with the like 3 days before 5 months and she had the tongue reflex (she stuck her tongue out when we put food to her lips.) I decided to wait a couple days to see if it went away and it did. She still didn’t seem to like it, so I waited 2 more days, which was this morning. She seemed to tolerate it more, so now I’ll keep up with it. I put avocado in the mesh feeder last night and she loved it. I was waiting for the OK with the pediatrician to try other foods. I knew she would like the mesh feeder because she loves to suck on things. We’re going to wait 4 days between new foods (at the recommendation of our pediatrician) and try carrots, sweet potato and bananas. I’m so excited!



Weight: 14 lb, 13 oz. (47%)

Height 16.3 inches (87%)

Clothes: mostly 3-6, but 6-12 in some pants. PJs are 9 months.

Favorite toys: Sophie, Whoozit, Eric Carle elephant, Fisher Price red Monkey

Best thing this month: I’d say sitting up and her reaction when Danny walks in the door. Her Christening was also very special.

Hardest thing: When she doesn’t want to nap. (like right now.)

Having a baby is the hardest, happiest, most emotionally rewarding thing in the world. <3 Love my little girl.

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