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Off Topic Totally -- Ugh! Food Poisoning

Posted Dec 18 2008 8:14pm

Forgive my off topic posting. Do not, do not, do not eat day-old guacamole!! Not knowing any better, that's what I did.

Didn't matter that the mushed avocado dip was refrigerated overnight -- apparently some bacteria that crept in, and the green stuff made me so violently ill today!!

It was awful. About 20 minutes, after eating a few bites of the guacamole, with a few chips, I got the most scary heart palpitations, got feverish and perspiring, head all dizzy, nauseous, then threw up, and still, hours later, I'm queasy and a little lightheaded.

Thanks to my dear friend Jill Baron, a physician in New York City, who helped me through this!

I don't ever remember having food poisoning like this! Oh, my poor aching stomach. Next posting will be on topic again.

Does anyone here know why day-old, refrigerated guacamole could do this?

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