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Off to See the Wizard

Posted Jun 23 2009 6:53pm

We're up at the butt-crack of dawn this morning to make haste over to Cal State Long Beach for the Science Olympiad state competition. This is the second year that our son's team has made it to that level, and even though we know that we'll be trounced, we're still pumped. Some schools in Southern California make Science Olympiad an institution, with two or three teams of 30 kids each, and it's a regular class. For my son's school, the team is composed of about 8 of the greatest kids I know, and it's a club. Go figure.

Anyway, the biggest quandary is what to take with us to eat. The teacher advisor is an awesome lady, but she brings all the carbage that teenagers like to eat, which leaves my family out. This time, we're going to hit a grocery store and stock up on low- carb goodies, like nuts, cheese, spicy pork rinds and sour cream, etc. I made some home-made lemonade with the gazillions of lemons that we harvested from our two trees, so that should help replace the sugary sodas.

As a side note, the hundreds of students, especially the middle- schoolers, who compete in Long Beach, walk around with red licorice whips hanging out of their mouths, and they nosh all day on cookies and other carbage. By the end of the day, they behave like stampeding cattle. It's always painful to see, especially when I see that the carbage is being dispensed by big-bellied teachers. Ahem.

So, wish us well, and I'll have an update, hopefully tomorrow. If I survive the carb -induced chaos, that is.

The Bionic Broad out.

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