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Odds and Sods - feb 2010

Posted Feb 12 2010 5:12pm

Long time reader and valued commenter Patrik has started a new site called Paleohacks. It's kind of a hub or nexus for questions about paleoutrition and evolutionary fitness. Patrik says it is based on stack-exchange and I can't really explain that very wellso go check it outit looks pretty cool and is off to a good start.  

We've been getting a lot of feeds from a very popular (160,000 subscribers) blog called Zenhabits. Leo Babauta wrote a post called 20-plus amazing fitness blogs to inspire you where he asked a few of the better-known fitness bloggers to list their favorite fitness blogs. As I don't really even write a fitness blogI was especially flattered to be mentioned by Scott Kustes of Fitness Spotlight. Thank youScott!

My own favorite fitness blogs are listed on my blogroll. If you have a question about bodybuilding folkloreyou are free to skip me and go straight to these guys. (That's kind of a joke) Note that I have added Keith Norris and Mark Sisson to the list - should have done that a while agoactually. I'll go through them again:

Conditioning Research - An amazing compendium of fitness information. Chris Highcock and I share an interest in mindbody medicine and I hope to blog about that some day.

Theory to Practice - Keith Norris has a scientific and practical approach to fitness that does not worship complexity for its own sake. 

Robb Wolf - A two-fer - paleonutrition ideas from a protege of Loren Cordain and detailed training advice that is based on reality.

Mark's Daily Apple - like Mark needs a link from me! Well Mark is the original cardio-skeptic and he puts his fitness principles all together with diet in a highly accessible way. Probably the gentlest introduction to paleonutrition for your vegetarian girlfriendand yesthat is a compliment.

This will probably be giving you the rope to hang me withbut here is what I am working on:

Coconut Milk

What to eat if you get cancer (may turn into more than one)

Killing your own food


And reading for lots of othersincluding deep into endocrinology literature and textbooks for thryoid

Okso that ended up making this a bit of an excuse postbut I really do prefer to read and think moreeven if it means writing a bit less. 

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