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Obsessive or a good idea?

Posted by Lara I.

So, years ago, one of my friends joined weight watchers, and I remember her telling me a tip about getting salad dressing "on the side", then dipping your fork in the dressing before taking a bite, rather than actually pouring the dressing on the salad. I've always thought that to be so extreme, so I've never done it, but I'm curious what other people think?
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Whatever doesn't sink the boat. Personally, I think it's a little weird but I'm recently hooked on the idea that you can get your body to start craving the right kind of fat if you work hard enough. So... if you want to dip your fork instead of doing a light pour, so be it. But I think you'd have better luck calorie wise pouring a set amount on and giving it the old toss and shake routine.
Whatever floats her boat. Hmmm, that does seem a little obsessive and more than anything, time-consuming. But weight loss, in my mind, is more about fooling your brain into developing new relationships with food and exercise, so whatever works for her is great! Everyone has their food quirks, after all. For example, I've found that sucking rather than biting hard candy makes you less inclined to reach for another piece because you feel more satisfied that way. Strange but strangely effective!
eat healthy dressing.... I believe that if you eat a healthy dressing, say of extra virgin olive oil with some organic cider vinager, some sea salt, and perhaps some nice herb that you like such as basil or terragon, you should never need to be frugal because what you are putting on your salad is giving you nutrients rather than causing you to gain weight.
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