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Obesity surgery triples among U.S. teens

Posted by AregM

The number of U.S. children having obesity surgery has tripled in recent years, surging at a pace that could mean more than 1,000 such operations this year, new research suggests. While the procedure is still far more common in adults, it appears to be slightly less risky in teens, according to an analysis of data on 12- to 19-year-olds who had obesity surgery from 1996 through 2003. During that time, an estimated 2,744 youngsters nationwide had the operations. The pace tripled between 2000 and 2003, reaching 771 surgeries that year, the study found. ....Continued on;_ylt=AliWu6GB8B8Ko6QgesBEFkCz5xcB
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This is a sad and realistic phenomenon. I disagree, though that the popularity of the gastric bypass is due to celebrities taking part in it. I think that teens are much more overweight now than ever and NEED to have this done! Its really about a lifestyle change, not reacting to the years of abuse to their bodies.
Gastric bypass is now an easy way out, rather than putting in the effort to lose the weight. Unless you're a medical anomaly, you CAN lose weight if you try, ESPECIALLY obese children. For goodness sake, take away the playstation and give them a jumprope.
Or better yet, a Wii is a good compromise. Just kidding- go outside.
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