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.*:. NYC InSpiReD Brew*:.

Posted Jan 25 2010 12:00am
*Hello My Dear Guests!:)

Well if you're like me, today was such a MONDAY- stressful, surprising and tiring!! However, I couldn't wait to get back to writing to you all  and sharing something yummy to eat! I love to help people eat healthy and enjoy their food plus learn something too! * BY THEM WAY if you haven't become a follower yet of this blog, please do so on the right hand side of the page!* I want to personally thank everyone who has consistently gave wonderful comments and support. You make this kitchen special and it is just as much a part of yours as it is Millie Lou's:)
* By the way, to those of you who don't know, Millie is my 2 year old Malti-poo! She often sits in the kitchen with me while I cook, no matter how long and even has her line of favorite snacks!

* By the way, Millie loves the Cinna-Pop from Saturday night's post!* Check it out if you haven't done so HERE  * Millie's full name is Millie Lou and I'm currently working on a recipe named after her so stay tuned for that! *

Her baby picture is located on the home page of this blog and tonight, I'll also post some pictures of our move to New York City this past fall. Speaking of New York City, tonight's recipe and blog is going to tell how my move to  New York changed my perspective on health, food and my career PLUS you're also getting an official NYC inspired recipe:)

So here's the story behind the NYC-inspired treat!:)

When I moved to NYC I had no idea what I wanted to do with a degree in Nutrition Science and my intended career, I just knew it is my passion.  I had always been interested in modeling and film, so I initially went there to pursue that line of work. However, as I met with a friend who was currently in the business, I noticed that I had no interest in really any of what he was describing to me and noticed how much time I spent in fresh markets, produce stands, grocery stores and taking in all the different cultures and cuisines that brought people together in New York. With this in mind, I knew that since I had lived there several weeks and had no desire to go into any clothes stores for shopping and would rather be in a market looking to see what new, different products and produce were available, that I needed to rethink my direction there for a career but wasn't sure how. Still unsure, I took a job at Tiffany's and was THRILLED. Still, something didn't fit and I decided New York City will always be my favorite place but it simply wasn't right for me at that time. I knew I wanted to come back to South Carolina where I lived before and also where I would be able to focus on what I truly, in my heart, wanted to do, before I got caught up doing something I didn't want to do in a city that is so busy I might have never noticed until it was too late.

I've always wanted to write and LOVE nutrition, so I went back home, and returned to my job working as a florist in a supermarket, making less money but gaining many things at the same time
 While I finish school, I am pleased to be able to do this because it gives me enough time to do some things I want to do like finish school and WRITE THIS BLOG!:) I created this blog as a hopeful way to start a career in nutrition and writing. Its exciting to see where it all will go! 

After coming back to South Carolina, things seemed empty, somewhat left unanswered, yet I was okay because I felt like I knew more of who I was and the direction I needed to go in. One thing I do miss GREATLY about the city though is its approach to food. You do not and almost CAN NOT walk anywhere in New York on any block and not see a fresh produce stand or market. I LOVED that. The ability of * fresh* food was always there and it was SO inexpensive to eat healthy there. It put a new spin on fast food!
An entire bag of apples or oranges was around $2 there! The same ones we buy for $4 and $5! Carrots were $1 a bag instead of $2 and many markets had their own salad bars with fresh, glowing produce that looked more delicious than any restaurant's I have seen here. To a foodie like myself, it was heaven!

Me in an NYC market!! YUM!: )

People embraced healthy eating and walked everywhere, which I loved. Health was an automatic approach to living there and the percentage of overweight people you see in NYC is so small you would be shocked!
When I arrived back to SC, I realized how much people want to eat healthy, but our resources are LIMITED. Everything was so easy there and its simply harder here to be active and have healthy food on every corner. HOWEVER, that doesn't let us  off the hook does it? NO!:) That's why I'm here- to make it a little bit easier for anyone ANYWHERE to see it is so fun to get creative with healthy food and EASY! Plus it makes you happy to eat good-for-you foods. I call it my Mood Food:)
*   *
So onto the recipe!!!
We are making something I created with my favorite city in mind:) I'm sure you'll enjoy as Millie sure did!:) * She sometimes does get to sample some of our recipes*:)
I love cold refreshing smoothies because they can really PEP UP YOUR STEP! However most are loaded with added sugars but NOT Millie's: )
I often drink one every morning loaded with LOTS of veggies and fruit. It keeps me full for hours. I created today's recipe based off my favorite flavors of fruit that were ALWAYS available in New York at every market. Since I lived in a beautiful harbor in Brooklyn, it is named after that Harbor

*The Brookyln -Blue Brew*
Beaming with brilliant fruits, this is a delectable refreshing drink to be enjoyed as a breakfast, or an afternoon "pick-me-up". It isn't really that blue but the blueberries really take a wonderful flavor in this shake !
Enjoy this as it is truly delicious!:)

*Serves 2*

1 cup milk of your choice ( fat free organic or almond milk)
1/2 cup frozen strawberries
1 cup frozen blueberries-
1 small papaya, seeded and chopped ( optional but VERY tasty:)
1/4 cup almonds or unsweetened shredded coconut( only available at some supermarkets on the baking aisle)
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 frozen banana -TIP- ( I usually freeze mine when I buy them if I want to use them for smoothies. I do not recommend doing this if you like a fresh, firm banana, because after you freeze them they change textures and shapes. If you freeze them, simply lay one out 30 minutes before you make your smoothie and then peel and slice or I just toss mine in the blender:) OR you can sliced them when you get home, and freeze them in slices in a Ziploc storage freezer bag, sealed tightly with no air left in the bag- However my bananas are simply in the freezer still in a bunch together:)

*In your blender, pour in the milk, then add the papaya, the banana, the cinnamon, the blueberries and then the strawberries( since they are bigger they don't blend as easily frozen if they are put in first). Lastly, add the almonds or coconut ( depending on your choice or BOTH- which I do:)

Blend on a medium setting first, then after 5 seconds go up to high speed and blend for 10 seconds.

Pour into two large glasses and serve immediately for the best taste.

*Please note, the almonds and coconut may still be in small crunchy bits through the shake, but I like mine that way as it gives it a nice texture:) If you don't, simply omit it next time.

 * DID YOU KNOW...COCONUTS, although they usually get a bad reputation for being high in fat, are actually LOADED with nutrients and the fats within coconuts are actually used for immediate energy in the body so they are especially good to enjoy in small amounts like smoothies, on top yogurt and even sprinkled on pancakes or baked in muffins:)

*DID YOU KNOW BLUEBERRIES offer nutrients that make it a well known "superfood" like antioxidants and antiinflammatory compounds. They also assist the immune systemto flight off infection, disease, arthritis, cancer, and cleanse the liver and the digestive tract. They also help nerve function and help blood pressure resulting in less stress!

*Nutritional References from

Stephanie Tourles, author of Raw Energy (2009, Storey Publishing), who is a experienced Nutrition Science professional and recipe creator.

 * I still long to go to culinary school  and would love to do so in NYC at some point in my life if I am able to. I invite you to take a trip there if you've never been. I know it is expensive, but it is truly a city to LOVE.

P.S* If you go, don't forget to pick up a fresh apple or two for me:)

Heart and Soul,

.:*Millie Lou*:.
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