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Nutritional Yeast

Posted by Lara I.

What's so nutritional about it? My boyfriend swears on putting it on everything...salads especially. I admit, it does taste pretty good on a salad, and I know how to make a fantastic vegan cheese sauce out of it, but why is it healthy?
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Vitamin B Source. Strange but true, nutrional yeast is a good source of vitamin B. As a bonus, it's low in fat and sodium. Try some on your popcorn!
What's in Nutritional Yeast. It's grown on mineral-rich molasses. It's got: - Lots of protein and different B-complex vitamins - Low in fat and sodium (even though it's still tasty) - Nice cheesy flavor. ... essentially, you get protein and B vitamins plus the cheesy, savory taste, MINUS the fats, sodium, and real meat/cheese. It's definitely a guilt-free alternative.
Big Nutritional Yeast Fan. I LOVE nutritional yeast. I was first introduced to it back in the 80's at the Red Vic Movie Theater in San Francisco. I was initially skeptical, especially having it powdered all over my beloved popcorn, but I was immediately, happily delighted with the flavor. Since then, I buy it in bulk (at my favorite health food produce store, Rainbow Grocery in SF) and sprinkle it on many a thing: popcorn, steamed veggies such as cauliflower and green beans, pasta dishes, and anything else when its savory flavor strikes my fancy. Plus, as mentioned above, it has lots of vitamin B and is a great alternative to cheese or other high-calorie flavorings.

I think I could be allergic to nutritional yeast..I wake up with swollen puffy eyes and my neck itches...anyone else having this problem??

I have the same problem.  I didn't know the cause, but traced it to the one change in my diet - red yeast rice.  Have you heard of any confirmation of this as the cause of the puffy eyes?
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