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Nutritional mythbusters

Posted by vicki l.

Don?t eat at night or you?ll get fat. Avoid shrimp if you?ve got high cholesterol. Eat grapefruit to help burn fat. We?ve all heard things like that. But what's real and what's myth. Christine Gutelius, a nutrition resource educator at Cornell University's Cooperative Extension in Cayuga County, N.Y., sets us straight: 1. Calories eaten at night are more fattening - Nope. You can only gain weight at night if you're taking in more calories than you burn. Nighttime snacks, however, tend to be calorie-heavy (think ice cream, so you want to watch it. 2. Skip breakfast to lose weight - Nope. That only makes you hungrier later on, when you?ll be tempted to either snack or eat more. Plus studies show breakfast-eaters tend to lose weight and keep it off. 3. Avoid shrimp if you're watching your cholesterol - Nope. Shrimp is high in dietary cholesterol but low in saturated fat, and that's what's bad for your blood cholesterol level. 4. Burn fat by eating grapefruit, cabbage soup and celery - Nope. You can only burn fat by being active. There are no ?fat-burning? foods. 5. Fresh veggies are always nutritious than frozen - Not necessarily, especially if those fresh vegetables have traveled a long way, losing much of their nutritional oomph along the way. Flash-freezing vegetables right after picking locks in their vitamins. Keep them by steaming them.
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That's so funny - I have heard so many times that you can't eat at night or you'll gain weight. But I have to argue this out - let me know what you think. They say that you gain weight from eating at night if you're eating something that's heavy in calories, a comfort food like ice cream. And you're not more likely to gain weight at night unless you're taking in calories that you don't use. But, even if you're eating something low-cal, wouldn't you gain weight anyway? Because I don't know about y'all, but I'm not very active when I sleep. I don't think I'm burning any energy at all (unless I'm one of those people that has sleep walking sickness and doesn't know about it. In that case, I'm sure I'm taking a run around the block when I'm fast asleep). So, why wouldn't those extra calories taken in at night be stored as fat? Let's talk more about this because this is an important topic. If I can get rid of my rule about not eating after a certain time, I will do it!!! After all, we all like a late night snack!
Hey CLR, Yes, a late-night snack can be fun (well, I only do it every once and a while). I think there are a few things to consider -- what you're eating and how much. I don't think a tiny scoop of ice cream or a nibble of chocolate will hurt. But if you're pounding half a bag of salsa-flavored corn chips (as I did one night because ... well .. just because!), that's a problem. I think the biggest issue for most of us is HOW much. We eat too much! If youi look at the serving size of most things, we eat much more than that. So, there you go. And doing it every night wouldn't work well either. Just my two cents ...

yup i heard it too

it's all bullshit,u jst hav to be carefull abt wht  r u eating and hw much u r eating...

AM A DIETITIAN AND I KNOW  HW MANY PATIENTS HAV SAME DOUBTS..i jst tell them to eat heathly and in small in small portions 6 times a day thats gud,bt eating heavy meals twice a day is too bad...

plus 45 mins.of walk tht's it no need to do extra workout,gyming,etc.

jst walk for 45 evryday..

i promise u'll reduce ur weight and will be healthy


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