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Nutritional Counseling

Posted May 14 2010 4:25pm

Well, Friday totally slipped away from me. I wanted to tackle my lengthy To Do list, but I ended up sitting in traffic for 2 hours and running errands for another two hours, so things didn’t go as planned. :-? I did, however, enjoy a wonderful  60-minute facial this afternoon. So, I guess it wasn’t all bad. ;-)

I started my day with Siggi’s yogurt mixed with Raisin Bran and sliced banana.


And, of course, iced coffee with vanilla soy milk.


Once again, I didn’t eat lunch until 4 o’clock today. (WHY does this keep happening!?!) I was so hungry, I actually felt light headed, which is definitely a first for me. I NEVER let myself get that hungry. So, as soon as I walked in the door of our apartment, I housed 3 bowls of cereal… copious amounts of cereal.


Yesterday, I met with OMBE’s Registered Dietitian, Laura. Originally, I wanted to chat with her about how to properly fuel for running and training for a marathon, but once we got talking, our conversation moved onto my cookie “binge” issue .

Every other week or so, I overdo it on desserts, like baked goods and other random treats. I don’t always talk about this on the blog, but it’s something that I struggle with fairly frequently. In this post , I talk about how I try to deal with it.

To begin our session, Laura and I reviewed my diet as well as my eating and exercise habits. She was happy with the amount of exercise that I get, but she was concerned about the nutritional makeup of some of my meals. Breakfast looked great to her, but lunch and dinner were often lacking in protein and healthy fats. Laura explained that if my meals are missing these key elements, they’re likely not satisfying me, which then leads me to crave quick energy from carbohydrates. Basically, my body is missing out on nutrients that are supposed to keep me satisfied. So, in theory, if I add more protein and fat to my diet, my cravings shouldn’t be so out-of-control.

So, Laura and I brainstormed some ways to add more protein and healthy fat to my diet. She suggested tofu, avocado, beans, legumes, egg whites, soy milk, and sprouted bread (protein + fiber). Laura also mentioned that some of the soy milk products on the market contain BPAs , which could possibly mess with my hormones and cravings. I drink a lot of soy milk, so she suggested a BPA-free alternative: Edensoy.


To be honest, when Laura first suggested tofu, I was less than thrilled. Every time I make tofu, it always turns out mushy and weird. But, Laura gave me some easy step-by-step instructions for making nice, firm tofu.

Start with a block of extra firm tofu.


Drain water from tofu.


Wrap tofu in a clean dish towel.


Place something heavy on top to press out the water.



Wait at least 30 minutes before cutting and cooking tofu.


I put my newly-learned tofu skills to the test by making a grilled tofu sandwich with buffalo sauce and shredded Italian cheese for dinner tonight.


To cook the tofu, I sliced a 1/2-inch thick piece, heated a skillet with olive oil, and fried each side of the tofu until it was lightly browned.


I toasted two pieces of Ezekiel bread, melted shredded cheese on one half, and topped the other piece with the tofu and buffalo sauce.


Seriously delicious! :-D


Dinner was really satisfying tonight, so a bowl of fresh strawberries totally did the trick and satisfied my sweet tooth. I think I’m onto something here! ;-)


Mal is out for the night, so I’m going to cuddle with Murph and watch Twilight. I’m curious to see what all of the hype is about. Maybe the sexy vampire thing will finally make sense to me?

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